Firstly, what is #Scotlandhour?

Well, #ScotlandHour is a monthly chat on Twitter, which runs from 9-10pm on the last Wednesday of each month – this month’s is on next Wednesday,  28th September – and the theme is Cities and Towns.

How does is work?

Starting at 9pm, at 10 minute intervals, there are 6 questions posted and people reply, including #Scotlandhour in their tweets along with A1 for the answer to question 1, and others are able to follow the discussion and engage as they search for the hashtag.

How big does it get?

Each month we have around 250/300 accounts tweeting on the night, with a reach of hundreds of thousands, not to mention some tremendous content shared and connections forged.

What are this month’s questions?

To allow people to prepare their answers, the questions are already published and can be found at  - not only does it allow people to prepare for the hour, they can schedule their answers in advance if they are unable to join in live on the evening, but obviously to get interaction and engagement with others, it is best to be online to react on the evening.

How can people get involved?

The easiest way is to follow @Scotlandhour on Twitter and then search #Scotlandhour  and then tweet away to your hearts content.

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