Members of the Scottish Community Alliance have launched Local People Leading – A Vision for a Stronger Community Sector. This describes changes that are needed across three interdependent spheres of activity:

  • Local Democracy, including measures to reinvigorate representative and participatory democracy, and put communities at the heart of Scotland’s planning system.
  • Public services, where there needs to be a major shift towards commissioning services more locally, more support for sustainable service delivery through community and co- operative enterprises, and a comprehensive programme of support to facilitate the effective transfer of public assets.
  • The Community Sector , where they call for sustained investment in community anchor organisations, a national community leadership initiative, support for self- organising, mutually supportive community networks, and the rebuilding of a national community development infrastructure. “As a first step, we propose a thorough reappraisal of what communities require in order to build the capacity to meet the challenges that lie ahead. This would involve an audit of all relevant government departments, public bodies and community sector intermediaries to identify where the resource and responsibility for this important task currently resides, and where it would be best located going forward.”

Over the coming weeks, they will publish a series of short papers highlighting the specific contributions that the sector makes across many different areas of Government policy and how that impact could be greater, starting with Transport, Housing and Food.

Source: CDAS

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