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Scottish Natural Heritage prioritises funding according to the following purposes:

Better places in which to live work and visit.

Scottish natural heritage focus is on projects which:

  • Are located in or close to towns and cities, particularly the 15% most deprived areas in the Central Scotland Green Network area, Dundee and Aberdeen.
  • Improve the quantity, quality and accessibility of green space, green networks and green corridors (particularly where this brings nature into urban areas)
  • Provide multiple benefits, such as improved ecosystem health and resilience, improvements to people’s health and well-being, economic regeneration, better links between wildlife sites and adapting to climate change
  • Help to improve places located close to where people live, and which are accessible to all and able to attract and accommodate visitors
  • Help to develop the capacity of third sector bodies to deliver better places
  • Improve the on-line information available to people on these places

Increase the contribution that nature and landscapes make to sustainable economic growth.

Focus on projects which:

  • Develop partnerships with businesses reliant on Scotland’s nature and landscapes in the tourism and food & drink sectors
  • Help to add value to businesses using natural heritage based brands
  • Develop and share good practice for businesses in managing Scotland’s natural assets (on land and at sea)
  • Help to strengthen the links between wildlife sites and the local economy (including accessibility through local path networks and visitor facilities at priority National Nature Reserves)
  • Are based on wide cross-sector partnerships (such as Destination Management Organisations and Area Tourism Partnerships)

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Sponsored By Supporting Scotland's Towns