The Urban Economy Forum (UEF) in collaboration with UN-Habitat is organizing the second “Urban Economy Forum 2020” virtually in conjunction with World Habitat Day on October 5th and 6th, 2020 in Toronto, Canada.

World Habitat Day’s theme this year will be “Housing for all” and will be an important topic for discussion during the forum. UEF 2020 is delighted to have Dr. Eduardo Moreno, Head of Knowledge and Innovation of UN-Habitat, as the Honourary Chair of UEF 2020.

UEF aims to work alongside local authorities and international organizations to contribute to achieving the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), an in particular SDG11, by developing and testing innovative ideas in urbanism. By identifying new and different ways of managing cities, UEF aims to learn what works best and why, and share this knowledge and other practical approaches with cities and towns globally. As we are already 10 years away from the 2030 agenda, the time to act is now.

Building upon UEF 2019, which was held in October 2019, UEF 2020 will bring individuals and organisation together again to continue this important dialogue on sustainable urbanism and to exchange best practices and innovations.

With over 200 speakers planned, UEF 2020 will host more urban experts than ever before from a number of leading national and international organizations from both the public and private sector. UEF continues to work toward strengthening this interactive global network of city leaders, urban development organizations, financial institutes, academics, and civil society.

UEF 2020 Co-Chairs, Mr. Anantha Krishnan, Senior Consultant of World Bank and United Nations, and Ms. Julie Ward, Former British Member of European Parliament, welcome all urban leaders to join in this important conversation as we look forward to the next year.

As mayors and urban leaders are fundamental to this conversation, UEF 2020 also aims to create a collaborative platform for mayors with the aim of creating a, “Global Community of Mayors and Urban Leaders”, for sustainable urbanism. UEF 2020 encourages local authorities to participate in this global endeavour and share their ideas. This is a great opportunity to not only learn about the challenges and opportunities for urban centers, but only be an active voice in advancing this conversation globally.

One of the most anticipated events at UEF 2020 will be the launch of the Regent Park World Urban Pavilion by UN-Habitat (The Pavilion), a collaborative initiative between Urban Economy Forum, UN-Habitat, and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Government of Canada). The Pavilion will be officially launched on October 5 at 9:00 am EDT.

The Pavilion aims to be the platform for this ongoing global exchange of best practices in sustainable urbanism. Many cities are already in the process of using this platform to share their innovations and learn from each other.

Considering Covid-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for urban centers, businesses, and governments throughout the world, this will a recurring topic throughout the two-day event. UEF 2020 aims to draw out global urban challenges and how cities and towns can respond to these challenges post-covid19 in a more sustainable and resilient way.

Keynote speaker sessions will be held in the morning of October 5 and 6 and is honoured to host ministers and high-profile governmental and non-government individuals and organizations to contribute to this important conversation.

Concurrent session will follow the keynotes. The main themes that will be deliberated at the Forum are: Urban Economy: Theories and Action, Sustainable Banking and Municipal Finance, Urban Assessment, Urban Data, and Technology, Urban Transformation: Shifting Paradigms in Urbanism, Urban Economy, Housing and Real Estate, Social Inclusion and Public Participation, and Environment and Sustainable Urban Resources.

Urban Economy Forum welcomes all urban leaders, practitioners, academics, private sector, civil society, and the general public to join this important conversation on sustainable urbanism for achieving the 17 sustainable development goals.

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