Talking Retail - A new Planning Gateway has been added to the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) website to help retailers in Scotland access information on planning applications and local development plans.

The portal provides members with direct links to Scottish local authority planning sites, with additional links to local development plans showing where retail developments can be sited within each new enterprise, business and housing zone.

SGF chief executive Pete Cheema said: “Planning issues are vital in enabling our members to assess the level of competition on the ground and in making investment decisions locally.

“The Gateway provides full geographical coverage of Scotland and will be of major benefit to our members – we must take advantage of the opportunities offered through local development and planning across Scotland and make the process work for us.”

SGF said it plans to include data from every town and city in Scotland on demographics, retail density per head of population, socio-economic profile, digital connectivity and economic activity in the next phase of its planning and development platform.

Source: Talking Retail

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