ShopAppy campaign 'Love Local Day' returns for a fourth year, encouraging shoppers to spread the love to town centres.

Love Local Day started in 2019 and grew in 2020 trending against Valentine’s Day on twitter and enabling many non-ShopAppy towns to get on board and in 2021, the initiative attracted over 2000 nominations. In 2022, it is even more important to share the love. Love Local Day is the first in the annual series of activities and events planned to help local businesses and communities. ShopAppy wants to help the UK to celebrate our local high streets, markets and dedicated businesses who work hard to source and supply convenience with fresh produce, gifts and services on our doorstep and have worked harder than ever before for their communities in the last ten months – so we want to spread the love to them more than ever this Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time when we look for that unique card, gift, or somewhere to go on a date and often the local places we have nearby can give us all the advice, inspiration and solutions we need. Valentine’s Day is a retail highpoint, growing steadily each year and reaching a staggering £1bn last year in the UK - so it’s a good opportunity to help ensure that spending stays local. So whether you love the romance of it all or not, the 14th February provides a great opportunity to remind consumers to appreciate their local businesses and to use them. 

You can access assets to use to drive your own Love Local Day campaign here.

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