From Social Investment Scotland

For most charities and social enterprises, the decision to explore the opportunities afforded by social investment take place at Board meetings, most commonly held on a weekday evening. We know that in order to make that decision, trustees and directors of those organisations benefit from early stage guidance and advice.

With that in mind SIS are today launching a new programme of support for Boards across Scotland who want to understand more about the potential for social investment within their organisations.  

As part of our continuing role to raise awareness of the potential of social investment, SIS are now offering two opportunities for trustee and directors who want to find out more.

  • Sign up to one of two 90 minute evening information events to be held in the offices of SIS here in Edinburgh. In October and November we’ll be opening our doors to welcome those who have ‘governance’ responsibilities and would like to understand more about social investment could do for their organisation.

To reserve your place for an evening event on either Thursday 20th October or Thursday 17th November, please email [email protected].

Events will run from 6.30pm - 8.00pm at SIS offices in Edinburgh. Places are limited to 20 attendees per event.

  • If you’re unable to join us here in Edinburgh, then get in touch to book a personal evening ‘skype’ session as part of your Board meeting, based where you are. By prior arrangement, SIS will make available an Investment Manager to participate in a virtual session within your Board meeting and respond to questions and queries as they relate to your charity or social enterprise.  Lasting up 30 minutes, these sessions are a great way to start the conversation.

To make arrangements and book a personal skype session as part of your Board meeting get in touch at [email protected].

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