New Clean and Green initiative to focus on the town centre, harbour and East Sands 

The Business Improvement District (BID) for St Andrews is launching a new ‘Clean and Green’ initiative in a bid to tidy up the town’s centre, harbour and East Sands areas.

BID St Andrews is rolling out ‘The St Andrews Green Squad’ – thanks, in part, to grant funding – and will employ a supervisor to train and lead a small team of volunteers, including youngsters looking to boost their employability skills, to deliver a range of agreed environmental projects within the BID area.

The project will be led by the BID and delivered by the St Andrews Environmental Network (StAndEN), an environmental charity based in Fife Council’s offices in St Andrews.

The Green Squad will work on specific ‘Tidy Up’ campaigns covering the town centre, harbour and East Sands, in co-ordination with and, where possible, in collaboration with other volunteer organisations active within the BID area, such as St Andrews in Bloom and Zero Waste Scotland’s volunteer co-ordinator.

It will also be tasked with footpath weed removal, ‘student collections’ – collecting unwanted items from student accommodation to ensure efficient, safe and environmentally sound disposal and recycling – and town centre inspections, including liaising with businesses to assess local business energy efficiency.

BID St Andrews chair Alistair Lang said: “The ‘Clean & Green’ initiatives, which improve the town for residents and visitors alike, are a core part of the BID Business Plan because they were requested by businesses in the consultations undertaken during the BID application phase.

“The consultations identified the importance of the town’s appearance and the need to maintain high environmental standards – with all respondents considering the appearance of the town as either important or very important.

“There are many other, smaller, initiatives and tasks which will fall under the Green Squad’s remit.

“Some will be pilot schemes to look at new and improved ways of collecting waste as well as general improvements of our streets and public spaces – for the benefit of all. We will share the details of them as they emerge.

“Because St Andrews is a major Scottish tourist destination we play a vital role not just in Fife’s economic future, but in Scotland’s. So the positive impacts this initiative will have will spread well beyond simply making St Andrews a nicer place to visit and live.”

StAndEN chairman Ronnie Murphy said: “We’re delighted this partnership with BID St Andrews is allowing us both to fulfil some of the shared goals we have as well as delivering one of the key ‘Clean & Green’ elements of the BID Business Plan.”

Source: ScotlandB2B

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