Paths for All have just launched their spring Step Count Challenge. Kicking off on the 18 April the challenge runs for 8 weeks and aims to get people walking more in and around the working day. You can find out more and register now at

Paths for All have just launched their spring Step Count Challenge. Teams from workplaces across Scotland will be challenging themselves to walk more and feel the difference. The challenge supports staff to find simple and sustainable ways of building a little more activity into their working day including; walking to work, going for a lunchtime stroll, walking meetings and using the stairs rather than the lift.

The challenge starts on the 18th April and runs for 8 weeks.

Participants enter in teams of 5 and record their steps using a pedometer, app or device. Everyone gets a user account where they record their daily steps, share comments with their team and track the team's progress on a leaderboard. There will be the usual competitions, prizes and more.

Paths for All has been running the challenge for five years now and in that time over 18,000 people have taken part. Together, they have counted more than eight and a half billion steps, equal to almost four million miles.

The outcome is the challenge makes a difference to people’s health. The University of Edinburgh carried out research into participants’ physical activity levels before and after the challenge. They found that those taking part walked over one and half hours more and sat for six hours less each week*.

You can register now and purchase pedometers for your workplace at

If you have any enquiries please contact [email protected]


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