A feature on the future of town centre retail was published today in the Scotsman’s Vision Magazine. The articles include an editorial by Professor Leigh Sparks, Chair of STP, as well as interviews with Andrew Murphy (Chair, Scottish Retail Consortium) and Alan Anthony (Chair, REVO Scotland). 

You can read the feature online here (p16-17).

Meanwhile, Vision Magazine also asked STP’s Chief Officer, Phil Prentice, how innovation drives our support for all those who work to improve towns in Scotland. You can read his response in the online version (see link - p10) and below:

“Ten years ago most urban regeneration involved teams of architects, economists and planners undertaking lots of manual surveys, making pictures, late nights and big ideas sketched on huge canvasses with crayons. Jump forward to today and technology and big data are the dominant tools of the trade. Web data, CAD, 3D imaging, mapping, GIS and transport and economic modelling software have replaced pen and paper. However, the creativity still relies on human expertise and knowledge.

When Scotland’s Towns Partnership was asked to assist with the regeneration of Scotland’s towns, we decided to engage these new media. Innovation drives all we do; our “one to many” service required a national web portal, our innovative data platform is a global first – an online typology of all of Scotlands towns, and our training will increasingly use webinar technology. Understanding Scottish Places – www.usp.scot – provides users with a unique and innovative solution to help inspire improvement across a range of professional and community sectors. Based on solid data, it is simple (and free) to use and to understand, saves time and money and gives folks the best possible start to plan that perfect town”.

Source: http://www.scotsman.com/business/management/vision-voices-how-has-an-innovation-changed-your-business-1-4566449

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