Scotland’s Towns Partnership has responded after an independent review group published findings on how the nation’s towns and town centres can be strengthened.

Commenting on the publication of the Town Centre Action Plan Review Group’s report, A New Future for Scotland’s Town Centres, Scotland’s Towns Partnership Chief Officer Phil Prentice said:

“The publication of this report marks a significant milestone in the mission to make Scotland’s towns and town centres stronger, greener, healthier and fairer places. I hope its recommendations prove thought-provoking and a significant catalyst for change.

“These should be critical considerations for decision-makers at all levels in shaping a post-pandemic Scotland that’s more sustainable and inclusive.

“We are beginning to see the unfortunate economic casualties of Covid-19. The crisis has undoubtedly accelerated the need for us to reimagine how we best use our town centres to sustain jobs, build community wealth, embrace digital opportunities, tackle climate change and so much more. This work must happen at pace.

“The pandemic has led to everyone living more of their lives locally. By embracing the spirit of localism which has been so important to the last year and acting on the review group’s recommendations, we can build a stronger future which has towns at its heart.

“Scotland is widely recognised for its innovative and progressive work to support its towns. There will be great interest across the UK in this report and the actions that follow from it.”

Phil Prentice is also National Director of Scotland’s Improvement Districts and was a member of the Town Centre Action Plan Expert Review Group.


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