23/07/18 - STP Chief Officer Phil Prentice was interviewed yesterday as part of a BBC GMS investigation into the future of Scotland’s town centres. The feature discussed that while online shopping, changing consumer habits and the financial crisis have changed retail conditions, there are many opportunities to create new uses and services in town centres, as well as promote greater community involvement in shaping local urban environments.

The report explained that as a custodian of the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Action Plan (TCAP), Scotland’s Towns Partnership aims to bring agencies and partners together around key priorities to drive positive change in towns.

In his interview, Phil Prentice said that it was important for towns to re-purpose and re-invent for the 21st century, aligned with the needs of local economies and communities. This includes creating places for people, with economic activity and public services rooted in the ‘town centre first’ principle.

You can listen to the whole feature on BBC Iplayer here, beginning from 1:28:20.

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