Scotland’s Towns Partnership is preparing the launch of a Digital Towns Pilot Programme to help Scottish towns realise the full potential of digital technologies. 

One of these pilots will be in the town of Moffat, south of Scotland. Working with Real Towns and a range of local and national partners, the aim will be to encourage better understanding, more collaboration, and improved and more effective digital deployments.

Earlier this year, Scotland’s Towns Partnership also issued a Digital Towns guidance document and has promoted case studies for consideration of towns around Scotland.

Real Towns, which is providing consultancy for the Moffat pilot, stated on its website:

“It’s great to be working with Scotland's Towns Partnership on plans to help Moffat, a pretty town in the picturesque Annandale Valley.

We’re doing a full Digital Health Check to come up with a strategy to promote community collaboration, boost business and tell more people exactly why Moffat is a great place to live, work and visit.

We’ll also be investigating Moffat’s potential to become a ‘Purple Pound Town’ - a model town for Scotland’s disabled and ageing communities - and how it can collaborate with other nearby communities to grow the local economy”.

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