The deadline for the SURF Awards 2018, including the 'Most Improved Place' category, closes on Monday 17 September. Enter your town today! 

The 2018 ‘20th Anniversary’ SURF Awards launched on Tuesday 12th June and will be open for applications until 5pm on Monday 17th September.

This year the 5 categories are:

 Community Led Regeneration
 Youth Employment: Overcoming Barriers
 Scotland’s Most Improved Place
 Housing
 Creative Regeneration


About the SURF Awards 

SURF’s annual awards process is delivered in partnership with the Scottish Government. It is open to all community regeneration projects in Scotland that are currently in place or that have been completed within two years of the closing date. The purpose of the SURF Awards is:

  • To recognise and reward best practice and innovation in community regeneration;
  • To promote and disseminate best practice across Scotland as means of sharing knowledge and experience, and thereby enhancing future policy and practice;
  • To highlight the role that regeneration projects have in improving the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

The SURF Awards has been running since 1998. It provides an opportunity for regeneration projects of all sizes to demonstrate value to funders and partners, support team-building and develop a national profile. SURF Award winners also receive additional showcase opportunities through SURF activities throughout the following year.


The 'Most Improved Place' Category

Context – Effective place-based regeneration is a key policy priority for the Scottish Government, Scotland’s Towns Partnership, Architecture & Design Scotland, SURF and others. There is a shared interest in increased collaboration across public, private, third and community sectors to support the revitalisation of towns, villages, high streets and neighbourhoods. The practical place focus is increasingly seen as helpful in considering wider physical, social and economic challenges.

Purpose – The Scotland’s Most Improved Place 2018 SURF Awards category will
identify, celebrate and share the positive impacts of participative planning and
regeneration processes in Scottish places.

Scale – Entries to this category will be considered from defined places such as towns, villages, high streets and city neighbourhoods, but not wider regions or whole cities.

Criteria – Entries will be expected to demonstrate:

• Effective community engagement and participation;

• Improved economic opportunities and engagement with the private sector;

• Benefits for local residents, workers and service users;

• Such as better public spaces, access to public services, and transport & digital infrastructure;

• Improvement in image, identity and ‘pride of place’.

A 2018 SURF Awards application form for the Scotland’s Most Improved Place
category is available at the following link:


More Information and Contact

The process will conclude with our Annual Awards Dinner at the Grand Central Hotel,
Glasgow, on Thursday 6th December

Information is be available on the SURF website at:

For queries please contact Emma Scott on [email protected] or 0141 4406392

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