By SURF - since lockdown began in March 2020, SURF (Scotland's Regeneration Forum) has provided a platform for SURF’s network to tell their stories of challenges, responses and resilience. 

Covid-19 Community Resilience Case Studies

These frontline responses – more than 150 of them – represent a unique resource, providing inspiring examples of the ways in which communities and their partners have responded nimbly and effectively to immediate needs.

You can view all of the special Showcasing Community Resilience Bulletins and our Interactive Community Resilience Map on the SURF website at 

Lessons from the Frontline Report

These stories from all over Scotland form the basis of SURF’s Covid-19 Lessons from the Frontline Report. Lessons from the Frontline identified ten common themes and lessons learned from those activities. This practice based learning from SURF’s active network, was promptly shared to help Scottish Government, and other key regeneration partners, to connect with, learn from and sustain these frontline examples of cooperative resilient action in place based communities.

Read Report HERE

Building Community Resilience Report

Our second report, Building Community Resilience, focuses on three of those ten themes:

  • Mutual support – Collaboration/partnership working
  • Relaxation of rules – Flexible funding
  • Online Scotland – Digital access

Based on SURF’s earlier research, these three were selected as offering the greatest potential for positive, sustainable change and as reflecting the interests of SURF’s broad network and its role as Scotland’s Regeneration Forum.

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