SURF has launched its 2021 Manifesto for Community Regeneration.

The Manifesto was developed over the past nine months, through a consultation process that included in-depth interviews with more than 60 cross-sector SURF contacts.

It presents 10 key recommendations for the next Scottish Government, centred on the interlinked themes of climate change, land usetransport and place-based collaboration. It calls for more action on green jobs for young peoplebrownfield first development, and retrofitting older buildings.

SURF is grateful to all of the organisations and individuals who were able to give time and attention to this process, despite the pandemic disruptions. The Manifesto will inform SURF’s main priorities over the next Scottish Parliamentary term, as all sectors strive to help disadvantaged communities build back better, and forms the basis for a free digital pre-election debate on 15 April.

Please click here to download SURF’s 2021 Manifesto.

Read more on SURF's website.

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