Creative Scotland is calling on people working within Scotland’s arts sector to take part in a wide-ranging survey on diversity in the arts.

The research aims to build a clearer picture about who is working in the arts today across a range of roles, and what the perceived barriers are to entering, progressing and developing in the arts professionally.

The findings will provide valuable insights to help shape future strategic priorities.

The arts should reach across and contribute to society by reflecting, representing and celebrating diversity and difference.- Leonie Bell, Director of Arts and Engagement

The survey - which opens today until Monday 31 October 2016 - will gather information on gender, age, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation - all defined as ‘protected characteristics’ in The Equality Act 2010. Insights into socio-economic background, education, occupation, employment status, income and career progression will also be collated.

Leonie Bell, Director, Arts and Engagement at Creative Scotland said:

"Arts, culture and creativity sit at the heart of who we are as a nation. They are a central part of a healthy, innovative, and dynamic society.  The arts should reach across and contribute to society by reflecting, representing and celebrating diversity and difference.

“We are acutely aware that barriers to access and progression exist, as set out in our recently published Arts Strategy.  We need a more robust evidence base to better understand and address these barriers and to guide our future priorities.  We are keen to gather insights and experiences from as many people working across the arts as possible. The results will allow us to better understand the barriers to access and progression within the arts and highlight where more needs to be done to create a place of equal opportunity for all.”

The survey is one of the first outputs from our Arts Strategy, published in August, which called for greater diversity across all areas of the arts, from membership of boards to students entering further education arts courses.

It is anticipated that findings from the survey will be published in spring 2017.

Complete the survey now (link opens in a new window).

Source: Creative Scotland

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