The Sustainable Scotland Network has launched the pilot of their e-learning module on Public Bodies Duties on Climate Change. The pilot involves 10 public sector organisations that will be implementing the module in their organisation over the course of the next three months. The module will be available for use by all SSN members in May 2015.

The new SSN e-learning module is designed to help all public sector employees understand the Public Bodies Duties in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act. The course goes through an introduction to climate change, international agreements and action and the Scottish Government’s commitments before going through in further detail the type of action that should be taken by public bodies. On completion of the module the individual undertaking the module should be able to identify what climate change mitigation and adaptation is, why public sector action on climate change is necessary, what actions are being taken by government and public bodies, what actions they should be taking and what they key policies driving change are.

The module is geared for public sector employees who are not currently engaged in the climate change agenda as part of their daily work. This module is for those who are mainly desk/computer based – from admin to executive level.

The module, entitled Public Bodies Duties: Your Roles and Responsibilities, is the first e-learning module produced by SSN. The module is anticipated to be the first of many that supports the Network’s knowledge exchange work. The organisations taking part in the pilot are helping SSN develop user guidance and understand the best ways to use the module in different organisations.

More information can be found here.

Source: Sustainable Scotland Network

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