"This is the second and updated version of the original Code of Conduct for Responsible Gambling, which was brought into force across the UK in March 2014. Publication of the newly updated and strengthened Code of Conduct, to which all members must comply by 1 November this year, illustrates the continued commitment to the promotion of Responsible Gambling across the retail betting industry. Any member who wilfully fails to comply with the Code could face expulsion from the ABB.

The past year has been a year of innovation for the industry in the area of responsible gambling. The initial code signalled the intent to take action this area and introduced some important early steps.  However, as the industry trials and rolls out initiatives such as multi-operator self-exclusion and new ways of using customer data to identify potential harm, it is important that the Code is updated to reflect these developments."

To view the Responsible Gambling code, click here

SOURCE: Association of British Bookmakers (ABB)

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