The Ecosystems Knowledge Network – the advisory group of which includes the Scottish Government and Scottish Natural Heritage – have recently developed Tool Assessor, an online resource on tools for analysing ecosystem services, natural capital and green infrastructure. Tool Assessor is focused on tools that help people manage the environment as an asset rather than purely managing it for nature conservation objectives. It encompasses tools that can be used in the UK.

Tool Assessor was produced by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network to:

- help people understand what tools are available; and

- enable people developing and using these tools to share information about them.​

The Tool Assessor can be used to:

read profiles of analytical tools - there are currently 12 tool profiles, but the list will grow

- use the search function - identify tools that meet particular needs

- provide comments on tools if you have used them - help us grow our user community so people can learn from each other

Commenting on the development of Tool Assessor, Ecosystems Knowledge Network said:

“A wide range of tools for analysing ecosystem services, natural capital and green infrastructure have been developed in recent years in the UK and globally, and more are in development.  Information about these tools and their functions is often hard to access, and it is not always easy to choose which tool to investigate further.”

Source: SSN

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