In a world where every aspect of your carbon footprint is being scrutinised, an important question for place managers has become: “how environmentally friendly are your Christmas lights?”

In recent years there has been a drive by manufacturers of festive lighting to move towards LED lighting technology. While this reduces energy consumption, the materials being used continue to have an impact on the environment.

Blachere Illumination, the world’s leading manufacturer of festive lighting solutions, is now seeking to change the face of the industry with the launch of its BIOPRINT range, the world’s first recyclable and biodegradable lighting motifs.

The company has been a leader in festive lighting since 1973 and its latest innovation is targeted to help local authorities, Business Improvement Districts and other community organisations to meet their environmental targets and reduce their carbon footprint.

The new technology represents a step change in the festive lighting market where manufacturers traditionally rely upon fibre glass material to deliver their solutions which cannot be recycled and therefore has cost and landfill implications.

The unique and innovative BIOPRINT lighting system is manufactured from a revolutionary biodegradable material which is made from sugar cane and certified as GMO-free to ensure it decomposes naturally without polluting or harming the environment.

The BIOPRINT structure is available in a wide range of colours which can then be printed using state of the art robotic printing technology which has been inspired by the automotive industry to ensure creativity and designs are never compromised.

All the sleek aluminium frames as well as the electrical components are collected, processed and recycled by approved bodies to ensure the process meets the most rigorous standards.

The BIOPRINT process has also been designed to allow bespoke items and motifs to be manufactured and supplied cost effectively.

Blachere Illumination’s UK Managing Director, Ronnie Brown, explained, “Blachere has a proud reputation for being pioneers in the festive lighting industry on a global scale thanks to our commitment to innovation, our ability to anticipate changes in the market place and most importantly our willingness to deliver exactly what our customers want.”

He continued, “We have seen clients, particularly in the public sector, place a greater emphasis on the environmental aspect when it comes to project delivery and so our innovation team started work on developing this amazing solution which features fully biodegradable motifs.”

The BIOPRINT range follows on from the successful launch of Blachere’s Nordika Christmas Trees, a range of eco-friendly, life-like Christmas trees which are supplied pre-lit. They can be customised with a new theme every year to bring new life to festive displays.

And building on their expertise and experience in Themed Environments and creating festive experiences which drive footfall, Blachere’s Augmented Reality solution can enable towns, cities and parishes to have their own mobile app which allows interactive games and images, all fully branded with the name of the town or the BID logo.

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