On 9th October the Carnegie UK Trust launched its TwinTowns UK programme, a major national initiative to connect up small and medium sized towns across all of the UK’s jurisdictions. 

The project immediately attracted nationwide attention and was featured on more than 60 radio stations, TV channels and newspapers within 48 hours.

Carnegie UK’s commitment to supporting Flourishing Towns includes a range of practical and evidence-led projects, from the TestTown high street enterprise academy to the Understanding Scottish Places data platform. We’ve learnt from much of this work how important interrelationships are for boosting creativity and growth in towns. Connecting with others, sharing ideas and challenges, and forming partnerships for services and economic development.

 TwinTownsUK will offer 10 towns across the UK the chance to twin, coming together with financial and staff support over the next three years. These partnerships could be between similar towns in different places (e.g. coastal towns from Essex and Aberdeenshire, or market towns from Northern Ireland and South Wales), towns that are close together, or very different types of communities. We are open to lots of different approaches.

Community and residents groups, traders associations, youth clubs and councils that think their town might benefit from this programme should visit the Carnegie UK Trust website now and fill out the simple form, post a short video, or get in touch for a discussion.

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