The Ordnance Survey has published a blog on the use of greenspace data in the Understanding Scottish Places tool.

USP is a free-to-use, simple data website which allows you to visualise, compare and download key information about towns in Scotland and plan effective change. It is supported by Scottish Government and developed by a Consortium consisting of Carnegie UK Trust, the Centre for Local Economic Strategies, Scotland’s Towns Partnership and the University of Stirling.

On the use of greenspace, the OS blog states:

“The USP Consortium continued to develop the tool with the November 2018 update, which included OS greenspace data. A measure of greenspace for towns was seen as a vital addition. USP measures greenspace hectares per 1000 population, sourced from Greenspace Scotland. This comprises play spaces, playing fields, public parks and public gardens as a measure of publicly-accessible green and recreational areas in a town.

The greenspace indicator in USP can be used as a proxy to gauge a number of key features – health, leisure, well-being, environmental sustainability and bio diversity; and green infrastructure supporting human infrastructure, offering a different perspective to our town and city centres”.

The full article can be read here: Ordnance Survey blog.

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