STC16’s interactive workshops explore key issues in-depth, with invited case studies informing discussion and questions. Choose two of the four workshops listed below upon event registration. Workshops take place at 11.30 and 14.45. Please attend your second choice at the latter time slot.

Digital Towns - Glenrothes Room, Adam Smith Theatre

  • Polly Purvis, Chief Executive, Scotland IS (Chair)
  • Bill Harvey, BID Manager, Kirkcaldy4All
  • Geoff Gelder, Secretary, Auchterarder Commmunity Partnership
  • Felix Gibson, founder & CEO, 802 Event WiFi

Given Scotland's geography and advances in digital technology, it is critical that towns develop new partnerships to deliver their wider regeneration or development strategies. It is highly likely that digital deployment and skills provision will be relevant to most towns in some shape or form. For example, this could be linked to education, tourism, co-working environments or business growth. Satellite, whitespace, 3/4/5G Mobile, Fixed Line, Superfast fibre broadband etc. are all becoming available across the country and towns need to be aware of technologies and be ready for uptake. Partnership will be key to ensure we deliver growth, skills and better digital user experiences.

Town Centre Living- Dunfermline Room, Adam Smith Theatre

  • Diarmaid Lawlor, Head of Urbanism, Architecture and Design Scotland (Chair)
  • Alasdair Morrison, Head of Regeneration, Renfrewshire Council
  • Kirsty Macari, Senior Planning Officer, Angus Council
  • Lorna Redford, Managing Director, Redford Homes

Our town centres are facing the perfect storm: including a drift of talent and youth to city economies; structural changes in retail; ongoing effects of economic recession and recovery; welfare reform; dysfunctional property and housing markets; less disposable local income; and a fast shrinking public sector.

The issues are complex and there is no silver bullet solution, but a good start might be to link these problems together to embed a “town centre living” agenda. Towns already have the required infrastructure and utilities. Why can't local communities start looking at delivering housing solutions back in their town centres? This approach delivers on low carbon and on social justice, it creates appropriate local housing options as well as delivering on social and economic outcomes, and it puts vibrancy, security and footfall back into our town centre.

Creative Places – Activities Room, Kirkcaldy Galleries

  • David Smith, Head of Programmes, Cultural Enterprise Office (Chair)
  • Matt Baker, Orchestrator, The Stove Project, Dumfries
  • Michael Goodger, Project Delivery, Ice Cream Architecture

Towns are a storybook of Scotland's journey as a nation. Our culture and heritage define us – and it is who we are and where we come from that makes us unique and authentic. It is crucial that towns use this culture and heritage creatively - through events and festivals to media and technology, small maker - creative projects, and new business proposals. Town centres provide ideal spaces for creatives to meet, collaborate, test, inspire and incubate.

Proactive Planning and Place-making – Scotland’s Town Square, Adam Smith Theatre

  • Nikola Miller, Principal Planning Adviser, Homes for Scotland (Chair)
  • Gordon Mole, Senior Manager, Business and Employability, Fife Council
  • Steven Revell, Galashiels Town Centre Coordinator, Scottish Borders Council

The Scottish Government is currently reviewing the planning process. Meanwhile practitioners are utilising the Town Centre Action Plan and Simplified Planning Zones, and the Town Centre First Principle has been adopted by all 32 Local Authorities - all important tools to support town centres. This has taken us so far and given some direction, however more can be done in the planning sphere, and this workshop will explore what these options could be. Meanwhile, Planning and Place-making is broader and all-encompassing – it is about using a multifaceted creative collaborative approach to planning, management and design of space, and creating places for people which support wellbeing, community and local economies.

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