My name is Daniel McKendry from Architecture and Design Scotland. As part of the 2016 Year of Innovation ,Architecture and Design , A&DS are offering to  provide expertise and resources to support community groups and organisations to develop and run events and activities under the banner of Say Hello to…. Architecture.  Anything and everything across Scotland. We want to help communities to think about their place,respond to it an enjoyable way, and to sow the seeds for future activity.We are also keen to hear about events around these themes that might already be planning. We would love for your organisation (or ones that you know of) to get involved! 

These events can range from simple walking tours to major exhibitions.

These events could take a variety of forms:

·       from building related events and activities that celebrate Scottish architecture;

·       demonstrating why buildings and places are designed the way they are:

·       to pop up cinemas/hubs/shops, creating ’architecture’ in an under used place or space originally designed for some other use;

·       Tales of your Town: events around local stories and memories of local neighbourhoods;

·        local architectural tours (walking, running, cycling) to family den building;

·       Architect’s offices open days.      

What will we do to help you run your event?

·       We will support event organisers by providing access to a network of experts, e.g. through the local RIAS Chapters, to work with the community to help develop and run their events;

·       We will create a resource pack of self-led event ideas to support local delivery partners.

·       Provide you with the use of the Say Hello to Architecture branding and marketing.

·       Your event will be promoted on a dedicated page of our website.

·       Your event will be mapped along with others as part of the national Say Hello to Architecture programme.

·       We will help you to build from your event by asking you to ask yourselves “What did we do? ”What have we learned?” What are we going to do next”. This will be recorded in our review at the end of 2016.

Resource Pack

This will be made up of a series of ‘How to’ activities that you can download from our website to create your own festival event. The packs can be used in conjunction with local organisations and RIAS Chapters. The resource pack will outline a range of activities and how to plan and deliver them if you are a community group or a school or other body.


·       Are you interested in taking part?

·       What would you like to do ? (this can be worked up and or changed)

·       When would you like to  run your event?

·       Who will be involved?

Ok …..so now that we have recorded your interest we will send out  a simple pro-forma soon for you to provide some more details of your event. 

We look forward to working with you (and your community).

We will be in touch soon…

Best regards,

Daniel McKendry  |  Programme Manager |  Architecture and Design Scotland

+44 (0)141 204 7918

Level 2, The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU



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